Let's Speak The Same Language

Thursday, November 19, 2015


From 1995 through 2000, wife Mertie and I published, and I edited George & Mertie's Place, a monthly microzine that appeared February through December. Lately, I've been putting together a list of those poets and writers who appeared in our microzine. In doing so, I've come across cartoons that "Art Clip" and I put together in arrangements that tickled my fancy. The two items on the left are samples of my work in that vein.

The list of men and women we published during those years is quite interesting. At the time we published them, I never paid much attention to who they were or their reputations. I was interested only in what they wrote. As I've  compiled the list, I've Googled a few names and am very pleased to discover more about them. I had no idea of the extent of the work they've done and still do. I've sent off some emails to a few, merely to touch base and see what they're doing now. Quite exciting. Sadly, one of those we published was Madeline DeFrees whose name I did know of at the time. I discovered that she died on November 11, 2015...8 days ago.

Monday, November 16, 2015


Ten days between entries here. Sorry. Last night and this morning, this old writer got to work and submitted five short stories for consideration at five literary magazines. Also sent two more queries about my novel, Programming Frank Singletary. Feels productive. My reading at this time is the anthology, Cutbank 83, which I received as part of my unsuccessful entry into its recent short story competition. Some of the work within its pages fascinates me. A style I don't yet understand, but I'm willing to understand, at least as willing as Copperfield's Barkis ever was. I believe some young writers might be trying to write stories as robots might write them or by revealing their tales through the eyes of a person without free will. Not sure. Just a guess. I'd like it to be true as it's about time writers align ourselves with the facts. I may be too old to catch up or on.

Also, the most recent FourByTwo is in my hungry clutches. As usual, the look of the little magazine is classy and the poetry sassy. That word choice and rhyme are almost so awful they ought not be connected to the fine thing that FourByTwo is. I'm showing you a couple of poems that are by klipschutz. The other poet is Michael Earl Craig. Craig, by the way, hails from Dayton, Ohio, my own birthplace. Most of the time, I select for sample the poet who is not klipschutz, but this time I went the other way. This is not a comment on Craig's work. It's just that I thought klipschutz ought to have a turn in this blog. Money is becoming an issue for them. Doesn't it always?

Friday, November 6, 2015


Sixty degrees outside and the lucky ol' sun beaming down. Me inside all morning, crafting and whooshing off query letters to agents for my several novels. I'm trying to pay attention to one suggestion that an agent mentioned in an interview—personalize the query if you can. That takes some time consuming research, and, a man my age, how much time do I got? A writer's gotta be almost as creative in writing query letters as he is writing the novels, the poems, the short stories themselves. 

Even though I don't smoke, I took the photo from an online magazine called The Daily Sheeple, an alternative magazine, it says, to help the sheeple "wake the flock up". So it says. I decided I didn't want to know more, even though the alternative news might be tailored for this writer, hissef. I'm not a sheeple, and I'm far too wide awake for my own good as it is.

Friday, October 30, 2015


Here I sit at McCord's Toyota, getting our Yaris an oil change and tire rotation. Here's my next set of writing tasks. A movie script. I've got a good central idea, and I picture Morgan Freeman in the film too. It'll be science fiction, and, of course, that means some technical problems and plot difficulties to overcome in order to create plausibility. What I'm doing now is writing down ideas and problems and certain interesting moments in the plot and asking myself questions like: "Why does X kill Y?" "What is Morgan Freeman doing in that town?"   "Where did he come from?" "How do I show the viewer this complication?" This is the fun part for me. For Ghoul World, I was aflame with imagination for about 3 days before the hard work of writing came into play. Then it took 2 years to get 555 pages done and rewritten three times. Photo is me in McCord's. 

Wednesday, October 28, 2015


WOW! WHAT A MORNING! I'm sitting in the cafeteria at New Seasons where I just finished the third rewrite of Ghoul World. I'm having a salmon cake patty and kale lunch with a diet caffeine free Pepsi and listening to a guitar/drum duo playing the music of the 50's and 60s. Right at this moment it's "Can't Get No Satisfaction". Awhile back it was "Jailhouse Rock", and I'm rocking out inside'nout. Soaring like in the old days, but, this time, don't need no alcohol or drugs for the emotional high. Now they're playing and singing, "Sitting On the Dock of the Bay". GREAT!

Thursday, October 22, 2015


Today, I rewrote two chapters of Ghoul World at Starbucks on 164th. Only 3 more chapters to go and the third rewrite of my science fiction novel will be completed. I hope I'm able to take a break after that and concentrate on sending work out. Besides the novels, I've got several short stories I'd like to send to literary magazines. I'm also considering putting together a short story collection, but I'm afraid the style of many of my short stories isn't in favor at this time. Walked today in the neighborhoods east of the Fred Meyer on 164th. Snapped a couple of photos of the autumn colors while I walked. 

One day, recently, 181 people checked on my writer's blog, The Silent Boomer. Not bad. That number continues to grow. Thank you, one and all, who are taking an interest. There are times when I tell myself it's silly of me to be trying to succeed financially with my writing far after most writers' prime is passed. Here's an interesting thing I consider when I send out query letters for my novels. Should I not tell a prospective agent about my blog where my age is revealed or should I tell them about my blog which reveals, also, my steady process of pursuing my goal of getting someone other than myself to publish a novel of mine before I sink into the dust? Which would most appeal to a potential agent?

Wednesday, October 21, 2015


Yesterday, I did not write. It was my 78th birthday. For one meal I stopped being a vegan and had a prime rib, medium rare, at Black Angus. Wife, meanwhile, ordered french fried sweet potatoes and grilled asparagus. When we got home, she was still hungry because the sweet potatoes were too greasy. She ate barely one or three. Frankly, I like the homemade tomato soup I made two dinners ago more than the prime rib. Surprised me. Also for my birthday, we spent the whole day together. In the morning, we walked at the Lloyd Center, a mall, Mertie shoe shopped while we were there, then we ate lunch at the Veggie Grill, walked some more and went to see the movie Steve Jobs before Black Angus. Mertie thought the movie was depressing, but we both found it interesting.

Today, I finished rewrite of Chapter 43 of Ghoul World. Five more chapters to go, and another rewrite will be done. Walked at the Burnt Bridge Creek Trail again and came home. 

Currently reading some work by Neal Cassidy. Finished a book of collected verse by Mary Oliver. She is quintessentially a woman. I mean by that she's written some poetry that a man would not be able to write. Of course, I can no more prove my evaluation than I can high jump the Moon outside my window.